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2017-2018 dates

2017-2018 List of Dates

VENUE CHANGE A2 - now at Country Inn & Suites - Port Washington

Venue change - State Convention - Grand Geneva - Lake Geneva

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Certificate 100 Percent Attendance LCN-305

Certificate to recognize a Lioness Member's 100% attendance during the Lionistic Year. 

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Certificate of Appreciation LCN-303

Show your Club's appreciation to a speaker, local business or special volunteer. 

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Club Webpage Information Form LCN-302

UPDATE YOUR CLUB'S PAGE!! Complete and submit this form for a Club WEBPAGE appearing under LOCATIONS on this site

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LC-01 Monthly Project & Activity Report

These are 'fillable' forms in Word format.

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LC-02 New Club Officer Reporting - DUE APRIL 1ST
Help keep communications flowing by remembering to report your newly-elected officers!
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LC-03 Membership Proposal
Revised 4-2011
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LC-04 Application for Certificate of Organization
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LC-05 Name-Address Change Form
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LC-06 100% President Award

(Revised 7-2011)

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LC-07 100% Secretary Award
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LC-08 Symptoms of a Struggling Club
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LC-09 Lioness Clubs Forms Order

updated September 2017

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LC-11 Dissolved WI Lioness Club
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LC-13 Affiliate District Officer Installation Ceremony
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LC-14 New Member Installation Ceremony (regular)
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LC-15 New Member Installation Ceremony (Candlelight)
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LC-16 Lioness Club Officer Installation Ceremony
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LC-17 Club Evaluation
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LC-18 Affiliate District Expense Voucher
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LC-19 Standard Club Constitution
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LC-20A Fundraising How To
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LC-20B Workshop Evaluation
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LC-21 Treasurer Record of Receipts & Disbursements

To request this document in Excel format please e-mail to:  wi27lioness@gmail.com 


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LC-23 Standard District Constitution
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LC-24 Deadlines for Club Secretary
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LC-25 Sample Letter - Audit Committee
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LC-27 Lion Liaison Guide
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LC-28 Member Transfer Form
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LC-29 Minutes of Regular Club Meeting
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LC-30 Record of Club Service
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LC-31 Lioness Club Expense Voucher
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LC-32 Lioness Club Treasurer's Report
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LC-33 Club Member Attendance Record
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LC-37 Board of Director Minutes
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LC-38 100% Treasurer Award
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LCN-203 ADP Membership Report

revised January 24, 2018

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LCN-204 Dist Pres Club contribution


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LCN-205 Membership Growth Award - Order Form
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LCN-206 Memorial Service
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LCN-207 Advisory Committee Expense Voucher
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LCN-300 Business Card

For individuals who are looking for a business card format.  Easily printable on Avery Business Card stock (5881, 8373 or 8869)

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LCN-301A Club Brochure - inside
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LCN-301B Club Brochure - outside
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Lioness Logos

These are the Official Lioness Logos, approved for use by LCI

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Lioness Necklace

How to on to make Lioness Necklace

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Lions Organization and Charitable Programs

Description of the Lions programs - Projects and fund raisers

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update on Leader Dog

“Lions and Lioness Leader Dogs School for the Blind Trip for April 19 to 21st is still accepting riders.  Need 25 to 30 riders for this trip to be economical and affordable. Please send $100 to me by Mar. 15, 2018 to secure the bus contract or for detailed trip information.  If I have to cancel the trip, your money will be refunded.  Call Lioness Marycarolyn Jagodzinski at 920-842-2243 or email  me at  mcjagodz@granitewave.com, or 12710 Heise Rd., Suring, WI. 54174. Thank you.” 

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What does a Lioness Do?

print out on cardstock for 10 cards..

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1-WLF info

January 2018

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2017-2018 Affiliate Clubs Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

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A1 District Newsletter

June 2017 (edited)

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A2 District Newsletter

December Newsletter

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B1 District Newsletter

December Cheer!!

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B2 District Newsletter

March/April Newsletter

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C2 District Newsletter

January-February Newsletter

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D2 District Newsletter

January 2018

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District Presidents Club Anniversary Certificate
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lcn 333 Lioness Club of the Year Poster

Promote activity at Club level within the District

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lcn 334 Club of the Year nomination

Here's the criteria for the Club of the Year

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lcn 335 Lioness of the Year

Clubs can use this form to honor one of their members

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LCN-209 District Presidents Supplies Order

Pins, Membership kits, ect

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Lioness Letter from International

Lioness Letter from International supporting Lioness work and Affiliation

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Lioness Mentoring Guide

Detailed Lioness Mentoring Guide for Members/New Members of Lioness Clubs

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Lions International - Liability Insurance Program

Liability Insurance to cover Lioness

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Past President meeting Agenda


Download (259 KB)

Past Presidents Group Minutes

January 13, 2018 - unofficial

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State Advisory & Past President Meeting Notice

Meeting notice March 4, 2017

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State Advisory Agenda


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State Advisory Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2018- unofficial

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State Advisory Minutes - PID Karla

Transcription of PID Karla Harris's talk w/ the Advisory Group regarding the Bridge Program on Saturday, January 14, 2017

additional pages from PID Karla 3/3/17

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Training-Officers/Board of Directors

Officer Training Manual 2013

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Officer training material for Membership Director/Immediate Past President updated 3/14

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Training-Officers/President LC22

Officer training material - President updated 2013

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Officer Training Material updated 2013

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Training-Officers/Skirt Twister

Officer Training material for Skirt Twister updated 2013

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Officer Training material for Tamer updated 2013

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Officer Training Material for Treasurer updated 2013

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Training-Officers/Vice President

Officer training material updated 2013

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Wisconsin Lion

 To view the Wisconsin Lion news, click on http://wisconsinlions.org/news.html

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Wisconsin Lioness Soar

To view a video of a new song called "Lioness Soar" composed by McFarland Lioness Joyce Wildt, and to read the lyrics, visit the club's website at http://www.mcfarlandlioness.org/soar.html  

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Wisconsion Lions Affiliate Clubs Policy Manual Oct 2013

updated March 2017

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WLF nomination form

Nomination paper for Lioness REprestantive to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation Board

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